Thursday, March 17

Hello, is it me you're looking for?

Just in case if anyone bothers to look, we've moved to Kampung Love on Tumblr!

Tuesday, August 31

Farewell Bardon.

Apologies to our darling readers (or lack thereof) for our inexcusably long and insignificantly mysterious absence. In the time that we were gone, we have failed to inform you that we have moved out of Bardon and into a totally foreign suburb, Wilston. As of now, it would appear to be quite misleading and confusing to continue blogging outside our self-titled former suburb. Unless we come up with a better name or a catchier tune to 'Wilston', we'll be out of action a little bit more. (Not that there's much to miss out on anyways. Heh.)

Till then. Sayonara!

Monday, December 14

it's been awhile...

since we've had anything posted up...

just chillin'

Thursday, November 12

the mighty cock

Remember Cornelius the Rooster?
Kellogg's Corn Flakes cereal mascot.
When did he get so buff and hunky?!

Friday, August 28

see ya later crocogator

Alas, the end is here.

Time to pack up and go home Mr Hadi.

Oh well.
All good things must come to an end they say.
(Nelly Furtado sure thinks so)

Quick recap of the week:

1. Take the boy to the beach. CHECK!
2. Take the boy to HIS beach - Coolangatta. CHECK!

3. Keep the boy entertained with our resident Munkie. CHECK!
4. Keep the boy alive and feed him well. CHECK!
5. Let the boy enjoy to the max. CHECK!
6. Make the boy WORK for it. CHECK!

We also thought we'd let him leave with a little token of love from the Girls of Bardon.
A limited edition customised storage box. HEHE!

(This oughtta get him some attention at the airport)
Bye bye Mr Hadi~